Be Fully Alive!(tm) Radix is a form of body psychology, an interdisciplinary approach that combines the bodywork fields with the mental health fields. The premise of Radix work is that the body is a mirror for who we are emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We actually hold stress, unresolved emotions, and relationship & life patterns in our bodies as well as our minds. By working simultaneously with the body, mind and emotions. Radix helps facilitate a comprehensive resolution of the patterns that hold us back in our lives so we can be who we were born to be. Become who you were born to be. No matter where you are in your life’s journey, Radix work, combined with expressive & creative arts, can be an opportunity to simultaneously deepen and lighten up your process, allowing you to play through your personal work and heal towards something, not just from something. Give yourself the gift of a safe, supportive setting where you can discover and explore your natural inner rhythm, and honor and direct your own creative process through both expression and containment. Each session provides an opportunity to learn, grow, laugh, cry, love, choose, take risks, take care of yourself, break through, break out, break the mold, and become who you truly are. Radix Provides Simple, Safe, Portable Tools for Personal Empowerment & Healing: Movement • Sound • Breath Work • Stretching • Grounding • Centering • Boundary Building • Emotional Release • Role-Playing • Art-Making You’ve Got Rhythm. Radix work is about discovering, exploring and honoring our personal creative rhythm. All life processes - the seasons of the year, the phases of the moon, the ebb and flow of the tides, the rhythms of our heartbeat and breath - are governed by a natural process of expansion and contraction. The more we understand and honor this universal pulsation, and how it is uniquely expressed in each of us, the more creative, effective and powerful we are in the world. <a href="Calendar.html">Calendar of Radix and Body word classes and events</a> <a href="FAQs.html">Frequently Asked Questions about Radix and body work</a> <a href="About.html">About Be Fully Alive and Jodi Rogers</a>